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INTENSIVE TANGO TRAINING with Javier Antar + Kara Wenham. 

SAVE YOUR DATES! FEBRUARY 15-19th (summer in BA)
20 Hour Program!


So we're back with our 4th! Edition of our Intensive. We’ll be doing the 5 day-20 hour intensive all with the rotating dance assistants.

I N T E N S I V E     T A N G O   T R A I N I N G ___________________________________________________

Why do our Intensive?

Our Intensive is a new format within the world of tango.  The three main distinguishing characteristics that we’d like to point out are:

1) A clear pedagogy and progressive instruction that has proven to work for over a decade traveling around the world.

2) Immersion:  It has the right amount of hours of classes each day to learn new material and the sufficient amount of practica hours so you can integrate what you’ve learned into your dance.

3) The Assistants: Rotating super advanced tango dancers from Buenos Aires.

These things are great when they stand alone, but working together they act powerfully on the student, 
exponentially raising the level of their dance. The regular format of weekend workshops doesn't give the 
student the depth or intensity that they really need in order to change their dancing on a more profound 
level. Learning sequences or steps also keeps us in the illusion that the dance is about steps rather than elements. 

So for us, there are no secrets. There is only good instruction and conscious practice. More workshops and more steps won't make you a better dancer. Practicing unconsciously will only reinforce your bad habits and accentuate what doesn't work in your dance. 


We believe that real learning requires conscious learning applied WITH training. 
We have put together a comprehensive and progressive program that will bring your dancing to your next level.
We will give you the tools you need in order to acquire a logical way of thinking about the dance, so that you can therefore construct your OWN. We don't aim to make replicas of ourselves dancing, rather we want inspired and connected dancers to find their own authentic dance. In doing this we become not only   good dancers, but also artists in our own right. Javier and I are micro teachers. We believe that in the small, we find the big. Once the micro is in place, then the macro can start to give shape to our dance.


Is there any skill we learn that doesn't require practice?
Whilst practice may not “make perfect”, we know that practice makes much much better. And that's the goal: getting to your best dance. We take endless classes and rarely do we have the chance to practice
what we learn. The“Practicas” most of the time turn into a milonga (or a class). We want to bring back the art of practicing and cultivate the skills in not only WHAT to practice but HOW to practice. The goal for us is that once you finish our 20 hour intensive you will know how to plan, implement and evaluate your own progress. 


Having your own dance assistant is a great thing. You’ll be dancing with a local porteƱo/a who has a much higher level of dancing than you do. These people are either Argentines who are new professionals in the tango scene or are obsessed advanced amateurs who dance nightly in Buenos Aires. The assistant is there to accompany you in the process, but they, like you are also there to deepen their process as dancers and teachers. You'll be challenged to step up in the dance and to learn the dynamics of practicing. We will rotate partners in the classes and the practicas, so that you’ll be dancing with different dance assistants and be exploring the variety of leads and follows and sensations in the dance.


1rst class  (1.5h)
30 minute break
2nd class (1.5h)
1 hour lunch break
1 hour of guided practice immediately afterwards. 

(exact hours and location will be posted within the coming months) 


U$ 800


Our BA Intensive aims to attract individuals who already understand the importance of a comfortable embrace and has a sensitive ear towards communicating with their partner. The pillars of connection, movement and music will be the primary focus points and not the steps. 

We believe that if you are sufficiently advanced then you will understand that learning only steps, like volcadas and colgadas, etc… is not going to necessarily raise your level of dancing. It will only serve that you can do those steps in an isolated and mechanical way. When one starts to see tango in its entirety and not just in small fragmented parts, then the whole fabric of the dance will open up to an array of endless creative options.

Our intensive will be progressive (that doesn’t mean it will be easy!). Each day we’ll start with some technique exercises for both leaders and followers and then continue to study the technical aspects of the most common elements in the social dance: open and close embrace, the order of communication in the movement, walking, changes of direction, stops, turns and more. As we progress we’ll be integrating other movement vocabulary such as barridas, sacadas, boleos and ganchos into the mix. We will then have you integrate these elements into your dance right away in the practica each day after the lessons. All of this will be learned in parallel with the rhythmical structure of the music because if we can’t organize the movement in the music then we’re only learning movement and not dance. We realize that we are very ambitious but we believe that with practice this can be done! In addition, every day you will be rotating regularly with the other dance assistants, so as never to adapt too much to only one lead or follow. 
We believe that coming to BA with a structure in place, like our intensive, will bring you more results than taking a class here and there around the city. 

At the end of each day of classes, we will make a review (which you may film) that covers the days topics and exercises.

During the practicas we will cover principles to help you develop the capacity to plan, implement and evaluate your own progress. This will include exercises one can do alone and together, modes of communication, and concepts with which you can objectively use to later analyze your dance.


Ali May: Australia
Intensive 40hrs BA 2015

As dancers  Kara and Javier are world class and as teachers they are expert.  In their BA summer intensive, they have structured a program for tango learners that is well thought out, valuable and enjoyable. The value of having a high level partner to dance with every time the words “change partners” takes place is also a luxury.
The structure of this course is such that whatever your level of tango, Kara, Javier together with the very skilled assistants help you to progress regardless of the level of the other participants around you.    Kara and Javier are generous with their attention and providing excellent demonstrations and explanations in each class session.  
The assistants are helpful, patient, polite, good humoured and above all, excellent dancers.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough for those who want to jettison their tango to the next level.  The forty hour course over two weeks is just fantastic value in terms of what you get out of it and how, in the second week you can consolidate and really build on your progress.
Do not hesitate to spend 40 hours with the best local tango dancers and Kara and Javier in February 2016.

Ning Wang: Switzerland
Intensive 20hrs Berlin 2015

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank both of you once again for the amazing work and great efforts you've put in the intensive workshop! I enjoyed so much the inspiring journey of discovering and rediscovering my body, my movements, and my tango with you as well as the others from the group! Thanks too for building up a loving and caring community, with whom not only I shared a great time, but also became new friends! :)

Katrin Urwitz
Intensive 20 hrs BA 2014 + 40hrs BA 2015

I’m taking the opportunity to thank you for your work. I enjoyed assisting your seminar and I like the way you teach and the good energy you create with your group. The advancement of the participants was very notable, and it was great to be able to take part in their progress. I also grew in this process. I thought this intensive was more dynamic than last years and the musicality aspect added a great dimension to it for participants and assistants alike.

Ellie Mutchler
Intensive 20hrs Berlin 2015

I wanted, before too much more time passed, to write you to thank you for the tango intensive. It really was a terrific experience and I'm so grateful that you invited me to participate. I feel that I really got a lot out of it and enjoyed working with everyone there!


While we are not organizing your accommodation, we’d like to make some suggestions for places where we think you’d like to stay.

Tango Petit Hotels: Stay in a lovely tango house where you can meet other tango visitors to BA. This will keep you connected to people who are frequenting the milongas and keep you very social whilst you’re there! Some rooms have their own bathroom and both places have a salon to practice and a shared   kitchen. 

La Maleva:

Luna Llena:


If you would like to participate in our intensive please contact us at:
Once we know, you will be put on our participant list and when we achieve our minimum number of participants, we will give you the go ahead to purchase your plane tickets and to pay us the full intensive fee. If you know you'd definitely like to come, please don't wait, contact us now so everyone can purchase the plane tickets and make accommodation arrangements as soon as possible.  PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE YOUR TICKET BEFORE GETTING OUR GO AHEAD! 


We will ask for a non-refundable U$300 depsoit to hold your place in the intensive.  

Paypal: For those within the US, you can pay your deposit via paypal.  You can send us your payment to:
Please choose "friends & family" so we won't be charged a fee. (not goods and services) 
Those outside of the US please contact us directly to inquire about payment instructions.

If you cancel six weeks prior to the beginning of the Intensive then you will be refunded half the amount back. Any cancellations less than six weeks prior will not receive a refund.

Because we never know about the eventuality of the turn of events, I highly suggest you purchase travel vacation insurance for this trip to BA.  Then you can relax knowing that the cost of flight and intensive can be covered if circumstances arise at the last moment.

For those ladies who'd like to work more than 5 days. Kara will be teaching a 5 day intensive for women (with tango assistants) FEB 22 to 26. (Just after this Intensive) 
more info here: